Code of conduct

ChemGuard and its subsidiaries Ytteknik QP3 AB, Medical Care System MCS AB, Medical Care System MCS AS and Scandinovata AB strives to create added value for customers, employees and suppliers and contributing to healthier and more improved chemical environment.

We strongly care about business ethics and strive for long term and trusting relationships. We always act with integrity towards business partners and customers. This Code of Conduct provides guidance through describing core values and the needs we have for employees and business partners.


About the Code of Conduct

The foundation for this Code of Conduct is comprised of ChemGuard’s core values, which provide guidance in all we stand for.

ChemGuard´s Code of Conduct is based on UN Global Compact and its 10 principles in the areas of human rights, labor legislation, the environment and anti-corruption. The principles of the Code of Conduct are also based on the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development and the ILO’s fundamental conventions concerning rights at work.

  • This Code of Conduct applies to everyone in the ChemGuard Group, from individual employees to the board of directors, and the content of this shall be respected and followed.
  • We require that the Code of Conduct is respected and followed by our business partners as well (customers, suppliers).
  • This code of conduct includes a general framework supplemented by detailed regulations and guidelines in selected areas.


ChemGuard’s core values shows the way forward

Quality, Positivity, Performance, Passion – these are ChemGuard’s fundamental core values on which our entire brand is based. ChemGuard’s core values describe how we are as people, what we believe, how we work, what we can do and how we want to be perceived. We work actively with our core values in all areas of operations.


We always strive to deliver the highest standard of quality. In every aspect.


We treat others as we, ourselves, want to be treated. We are humble and share knowledge.
WE are more than I.


We play as a team, creating an environment that makes people grow, in order to benefit our customer.


We supply what we promised. Our customers shall feel confidence when they engage ChemGuard.



Business ethics and conducting business

ChemGuard follow laws and regulations

ChemGuard follows the laws, rules and regulations that apply in the markets in which we are present. We require that our business partners do the same.


ChemGuard do not accept corruption

ChemGuard always behave responsibly and ethically in its business relationships. We do not tolerate any form of corruption, bribery, or blackmail. This means that:

  • We act and make decisions without consideration for personal benefit for ourselves or
    those that are close to us. We do not use relationships with business partners for personal gain.
  • We stay away from situations that can make or send the impression of creating conflicts of interest. If a conflict-of-interest can´t be avoided, it has to be reported to the manager. If an employee pursues business operations outside of ChemGuard, approval must be asked from ChemGuard.
  • We never breach applicable laws on the giving/accepting of gifts.

We join to our business partners’ rules on gifts, business entertainment if they are stricter than ChemGuard’s.


ChemGuard follow laws of competition

ChemGuard do business in compliance with the applicable competition legislation in the markets in which we operate. We act for healthy competition in the processes of quotation, procurement and purchasing.

  • We behave and act correctly and do not exercise inappropriate influence/manipulation intended to distort competition.
  • We do not accept any form of illegal competitive behavior, such as price fixing or cartel formation.


ChemGuard has zero tolerance against financial crime

ChemGuard takes actions for the prevention of financial crime.

  • We oppose and actively work to prevent illicit work.
  • We correctly account for all financial transactions.



Working conditions and human rights

ChemGuard prioritize occupational health and safety

As ChemGuard provides and manufacture first aid and safety equipment including training of personal, working conditions is part of our core business.

ChemGuard’s workplaces shall be safe and secure, without accidents. We believe that employee health and job satisfaction is a central issue.

  • At ChemGuard’s workplaces everyone shall take part in working environment management and follow ChemGuard’s guidelines and workplace rules. Employees take own responsibility for
    theirs and others working environments. We safeguard both ourselves and others.
  • ChemGuard’s different places of work shall have correct equipment and competence for the protection of people and property.


We promote diversity and equal treatment

All people are equal. Everyone shall have equal rights and equal opportunities regardless of gender, gender identity or expression, religion or other belief, disability, sexual orientation or age. We treat people, as we ourselves want to be treated.


ChemGuard do not accept abusive victimization or discrimination

ChemGuard operates a zero-tolerance policy for all forms of discrimination, victimization and bullying. We all have a responsibility to prevent this.
All employees and business partners who see or suspect violations are obligated to report them.


ChemGuard do not accept child labor

We have zero tolerance for this.
All forms of violence, force or abuse of children are unacceptable.


ChemGuard does not accept forced or bonded labor

In the modern world we live in this should be a fact! Also, here we have zero tolerance for this behavior. Work must be carried out on a voluntary basis. Employees shall be free to leave the workplace at the end of the working day.


ChemGuard uphold the right to freedom of association

ChemGuard accepts no restrictions on the right to freedom of association or collective bargaining. Employees can exercise these rights without being hindered or retaliation, even in countries where the right to organize is prohibited or limited.


ChemGuard uphold the right to reasonable employment conditions

ChemGuard does not accept employment conditions that do not meet the minimum standards of national and local legislation or the ILO’s fundamental conventions.

  • Any signed collective agreements shall be followed and respected.
  • Minimum wages and working hours in the countries we operate shall comply with national legislation.




We have an obligation to protect the climate and the environment

ChemGuard contributes to sustainable environmental business. Our day-to-day work and development continually aim to achieve better environmental workplaces, prevent environmental risks and minimize negative environmental impacts especially at our customer. This is also a part of our core business.

  • Our environmental management shall be a part of our core business
  • We follow and respect laws and other relevant requirements established by society concerning the environment.


We aim for a reduce for the environmental impact of our business

ChemGuard´s day to day work focuses on the areas in which our operations have the greatest environmental impact from a life cycle perspective and works to:

  • phase out and replace environmentally and health/hazardous products.

ChemGuard works daily and progressively with sustainable improvements to enhance environmental performance. Employees and business partners at ChemGuard’s workplaces are responsible for reporting environmental incidents. We encourage knowledge and development of clean technology. This is by the way a part of our core business. Everyday.


We establish requirements for our business partners

We shall in collaboration with our business partners drive the development of green products and solutions. ChemGuard’s business partners and their environmental performance play an important role in our environmental management.




We require compliance with the Code of Conduct

Executive management and managers at all levels have a special responsibility to lead by example. An employee who is uncertain about the application of these principles can turn to their manager for guidance.

The principles of this Code of Conduct are followed up yearly as a natural part of development.

If a ChemGuard employee fails to act in accordance with the Code of Conduct, this will result in disciplinary action. If a business partner repeatedly or seriously breaches the Code of Conduct, the business partnership will be terminated.



Adoption and updates

The principles of this Code of Conduct are followed up yearly in conjunction with the board meeting as a natural part of development.

Sävedalen, Sweden, 9 June 2021

Anders Åbrink